Nov 8-10, 2019

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REGISTRATION for english-speaking foreigners residing in Oaxaca:


Please contact D Allen,,  or

Virginia Filip,

REGISTRATION for Foreign Visitors:

Please visit:


For further information on Oaxaca:

Contact D Allen

831-620-5030 or via WhatsApp

Please note that retreat spaces are limited and accommodations for visits to Oaxaca fill up quickly during this time period.

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Venue: Paraje Bonanza is a sustainable living training center about an hour south of Oaxaca City that specializes in natural building materials. They produce nearly all of their own energy with wind and water power. Located in a quiet forested area, the many acres include a reservoir set in the mountains. Accommodations are rustic. Food is ample. They are also known as Tonantzin Tlalli, the affectionate ancient name of the dark grandmother goddess.


Includes daily teachings, optional private meetings with teacher, accommodations, meals and transportation to and from Oaxaca city to the venue.


Fee will vary somewhat (between $275 (doubles and quads) and $375 (singles) for foreign visitor participants). Please register using the link at the Pacific Zen website

Foreigners living in Oaxaca and Oaxacans please register by contacting D Allen at or or stop by at one of our centers in Oaxaca. Fees for local participants are significantly less and payable in pesos.

Oaxaca & Days of the Dead

Oaxaca is a mid-sized colonial city with vibrant arts, cuisines, archeological sites and diverse cultures. The state of Oaxaca includes high mountains with an abundance of wildlife, exotic plants, and geological formations, and a coast with some of the finest beaches in Mexico.

Sample some Oaxaca events: 

What's Happening in Oaxaca?

Oaxaca Daily Events Calendar

About archeological sites:

Things To Do in Oaxaca: archeology

About the coast:

Tomzaps classic coastal oaxaca site


Days of the Dead happen Oct 31-Nov 2 annually. For visitors, planning ahead is essential since hotels and airbnb rentals fill up weeks in advance, and the city and surrounding towns fill with celebrations both solemn and festive. Special foods and special forms of art abound (like candy skulls and giant sand paintings in the streets). Visitors may find themselves in a crowd of face-painted mezcal-drinking skeletons, and with a different way of looking at life and death that is outside the usual views and boxes.

An Experience of Days of the Dead: a blog post by D Allen

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