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Meditation & Conversation 

Main Group (spanish) 

6-7:15pm Wednesdays


and in person at Casa del Angel 

English Group 

 On break until our next series
You can visit Flower Mountain Zen and Pacific Zen Institute for many offerings in english.

Individual meetings with either D Allen or Virginia Filip are also available to anyone who wants to explore koan meditation further. 

When we meditate we are together with all our relations...

Two 5 minute guided meditations with D Allen. When we're here we're here with all beings...present, past, future... How does that feel?

The first video below is in english, the second in spanish.

V book cover.jpg

>>Virginia is not only an artist whose paintings we sometimes feature on this website, she is also a writer. This is her new book, available at Casa del Angel and at Gandhi bookstores around Mexico.


Visit our gallery of art works by participants.

Updates & New Items mar-apr 2023

Meditation, conversation, teachings...

In each session, we meditate together. Each meditation is lightly guided by either D Allen or Virginia Filip, who then offers a short talk on the koan/theme for that session. After the talk we have a conversation together in which we share our confusions and insights, our stories. Virgina and D are experienced leaders in this zen practice, yet they are just people like the other participants, each a unique person with a wise heart-mind that is being discovered and shared.

D Allen

Virginia Filip

The coin lost in the river is found in the river...

So many loses in this life of ours! Virginia Filip gives two talks on this koan about losing and finding, often in surprising ways, and in the one river which is our life.  (in spanish)

Recorded meditations, teachings, and group conversations are offered on this website. 

some recent Conversations

sessions for free Download

some earlier talks and meditations

also see recordings on this page.

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