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Meditation & Conversation 

6-7:15pm Wednesdays
 Casa del Angel Center

& online via Zoom 

Our sessions are in Spanish or English with Spanish translation. The meditation is lightly guided or in silence. 

Our meditations are deep and our conversations are lively.

Videos of talks from the weekly sessions are available on YouTube. Use the video link at the bottom of any page.

You can visit Flower Mountain Zen, Pacific Zen Institute, and Ordinary Mind Zendo for many offerings in English that provide online participation.


D Allen talks about the zen koan 'Yunmen's Sweet Rice Cake' and the wonder of human conversation. With Spanish translation by Virginia Filip.

VIRGINIA FILIP HABLA DE LOS KOANS en general y de cómo activan nuestra imaginación. Utiliza el ejemplo del koan sobre un búfalo que pasa por una ventana. La cabeza, los cuernos, el cuerpo y las patas pasan, pero la cola no pasa. ¿Por qué no?

There are guided meditations in Spanish and more talks in both Spanish and English on the Meditations and Talks page.

Our Current Koan 

One day Shen and Ming were standing by the river and saw a fish escaping from a fisherman’s net while other fish were caught. 

Shen said, “Brother Ming, look how splendid the fish is! It is just like a skilled meditator.”

Ming said, “It is indeed. But how come the fish did not avoid being trapped by the net

in the first place? It would have been much better.”

Shen said, “Brother Ming, there is something keeping you from being enlightened.”

At midnight Ming understood the meaning of the conversation with Shen.

Books by D Allen and Virginia Filip, Oaxaca Zen teachers, are available. Contact us or visit us in Oaxaca. D's book is also available as an ebook at Amazon.

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About our sessions...

Four bells start the meditation, which is lightly guided. Then D Allen or Virginia Filip offers a brief talk that leads into a conversation about the theme we are exploring in the session. We use koan stories and our own lives as the material for these conversations.

For example, a koan says: "The coin lost in the river is found in the river." Hearing that, what feeling or thought comes to you? What has been your experience of losing and finding? What is this river for you? Sharing our experiences, doubts and insights, we shed light on each other's lives and wake up together to this difficult and shining world

We meet in the lovely and tranquil yoga and meditation room at Casa del Angel, or you can participate from wherever you are through our Zoom ​connection. Our sessions are informal and relaxed but please arrive a few mintues before the start time.

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