Meditation & Conversation weekly at both locations

In the Arquitos, Oaxaca Centro

Thursdays 12-1:30pm
Reopening soon!


A Casa del Ángel, San Felipe

los miércoles 6-7:15pm 

Reanudamos las citas en presencial

También disponible EN LÍNEA via ZOOM & Facebook

D Allen leads two guided meditations with the theme, All things return to the one. Where does the one return to?

1 Return to the one meditationD Allen
00:00 / 30:23
2 Where are you really? meditationD Allen
00:00 / 37:36

Updates & New Items --JULY

Spanish group resumes face to face meetings this month.

English group reopening is delayed for a few more weeks. 

Our first meditation together after 15 months of covid shutdown is July 7th at our space in Casa del Angel. These meetings will continue to be available to Zoom participants. 

We hope to resume our meditations at our space in Oaxaca Centro within the month. We resume these meetings at our Zoom Temple on July 8th.

20 Minute Meditations

This series was recorded last spring and intended for beginners and anyone wanting to strengthen their meditation practice.

These short meditations (in english and in spanish) connect us to a natural attention, equilibrium and energy to have the life we have and discover the inner resources already available to us. Very useful for this time of transition and continued uncertainty in the covid pandemic and our return to a new normal.

La maestra Virginia Filip habla enToca la flauta de hierro sin agujeros. 

>>There are artists among us! Visit some of their works in the Gallery. You can see a current exhibit by one of our artists in the YouTube video above.