Meditation & Conversation weekly at both locations


In the Arquitos, Oaxaca Centro

Thursdays 12-1:30pm



NEW: Tuesdays 8-8:30am (english)

20 Minute Morning Meditation - thru April

Online at Facebook Live

A Casa del Ángel, San Felipe

los miércoles 6-7:15pm 

Actualmente solo EN LÍNEA via ZOOM & Facebook

NUEVO: los jueves 8-8:30am (español)

Meditation de 20 minutos - hasta fin de abril

En linea at Facebook Live

your life is arriving every moment
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Updates & New Items --April


What do we do at our weekly meditation and conversation meetings?  Here's a recent session. Meditation, a short talk, then a conversation. (1hr 30min)
















In this example we're accompanied by the zen koan, "There is a solitary brightness without fixed shape or form...that solitary brightness is you." The cool thing is to discover what this koan is showing you about your life. 



>>NEW 20 MINUTE MEDITATIONS at Facebook Live through April:

Tuesdays 8am at zen.meditation.oaxaca

Thursdays 8am at

See the introductory article and meditation here.

>>Virginia Filip habla en la pregunta, "¿Cuántos pasos toma para llegar aquí?" (10min)

>>There are artists among us! Visit some of their works in the Gallery.