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Meditation & Conversation 

Main Group (spanish) 

6-7:15pm Wednesdays


and in person at Casa del Angel 

English Group 

 On break until our next series
You can visit Flower Mountain Zen and Pacific Zen Institute for many offerings in english.

Updates & New Items jan-feb 2023

Another year of meditation, conversation and transformation...

The Spanish group weekly sessions resume January 11. When d allen is teaching, talks are in english with translation by virginia filip. 

The english language group sessions have ended for now. Check in here or visit our facebook page for updates.


The solution to my life is right here...

Virginia Filip comments on the koan, 'How many steps does it take to get to this room?' (in spanish)

Individual meetings with either D Allen or Virginia Filip are also available to anyone who wants to explore koan meditation further. 

V book cover.jpg

>>Virginia is not only an artist whose paintings we sometimes feature on this website, she is also a writer. This is her new book, available at Casa del Angel and at bookstores around Oaxaca.

Visit our gallery of art works by participants.

Recorded meditations, teachings, and group conversations are offered on this website. 

some recent Conversations

sessions for free Download

some earlier talks and meditations

also see recordings on this page below.

Always I carry light and silence...

Sometimes koans show up outside the usual zen collections. D Allen shares a meditation and comments on a short poem by Polish poet Anna Swir. " the middle of noise and tumult, I carry silence..."

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