Meditation & Conversation 

Wednesday Group (spanish) 



and in person at Casa del Angel

NEW: 7:30-8:30pm Movement with Virginia Filip

after the meditation session in person & via Zoom

Thursday Group (english)



Meetings currently suspended. Please join our Wednesday group if you can. You can also visit Flower Mountain Zen and Pacific Zen Institute for many offerings in english.


Individual meetings with either D Allen or Virginia Filip are also available to anyone who wants to explore koan meditation further. 

Updates & New Items spring 2022

You can now stream or DOWNLOAD recordings of recent koan meditation sessions. Meditations, teachings and conversations with the koans that help us find our way as they show us the richness and depth of the lives we have.

See the Along the Way page.

Everyone is welcome at our weekly meetings of the spanish group. If you don't know much spanish we'll provide some translation as needed, and not much is needed for the meditations that are part of each meeting. The mix of local Oaxacans and foreigners at these sessions makes for rich conversations.  

Virginia enseña en el koan sobre la importancia de la practica.


>>There are artists among us! Visit some of their works in the Gallery. This photo is by Gabrielle Grittinger who also paints.

Meditation and talk on the great koan No. 

Meditation 2 with the great koan No