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Meditation & Conversation 

6-7:15pm Wednesdays


and in person at Casa del Angel 

Our sessions are in Spanish except when D Allen is teaching the talk is in english with Spanish translation. Translation is available as needed in the conversation. The meditation is mostly in silence.

You can visit also Flower Mountain Zen, Pacific Zen Institute, and Ordinary Mind Zendo for many offerings in english that provide online participation.


Virginia Filip gives a talk about the koan story which asks, while you are in wild places trying to find your true nature, where is your true nature?

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About our sessions...

Four bells start the meditation, which is lightly guided. Then D Allen or Virginia Filip offers a brief talk that leads into a conversation about the theme we are exploring in the session. We use koan stories and our own lives as the material for these conversations.

For example, a koan says: "The coin lost in the river is found in the river." Hearing that, what feeling or thought comes to you? What has been your experience of losing and finding? What is this river for you? Sharing our experiences, doubts and insights, we shed light on each other's lives and wake up together to this difficult and shining world

We meet in the lovely and tranquil yoga and meditation room at Casa del Angel, or you can participate from wherever you are through our Zoom 

​connection. Our sessions are informal and relaxed but we ask that you try to arrive a few mintues before the start time.

Recorded meditations, teachings, and group conversations are available on this website. See links under the 'It's Alive' menu above.


Individual meetings with D Allen or Virginia Filip are available to anyone who wants to deepen their koan meditation practice. 

>>Franco Casadio is an acupuncturist and also a painter who has been meditating with us for many years. These are two recent works.


Visit our gallery of art works by participants.

Franco troncos.jpeg


Pintura 'En el bosque' en proceso. 


D Allen reviews the basics of the zen meditation and koan stories that we explore in our practice. In english with Spanish translation by Maggie.

In the video below he talks about chasing after love; also in english with translation by Tere.

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