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Light and Silence

First D and then Virginia give talks on the poem below by Anna Swir. The recording with D is in two parts and includes the group conversation with the poem/koan. D speaks in english and Virginia translates. Virginia's talk is in Spanish.

Whether in daytime or in nighttime
I always carry inside
a light.
In the middle of noise and turmoil
I carry silence.
I carry light and silence.

Light & Silence p1 D
00:00 / 18:25
Light & Silence p2D
00:00 / 19:34

Put Out the Fire Across the River

D leads two meditations and Virginia gives a short talk on this koan. (in Spanish)

Meditación 1 con 'apaga el fuego..'D Allen
00:00 / 36:28
Meditación 2 con 'apaga el fuego..'D Allen
00:00 / 32:33
Charla en 'apaga el fuego..'Virginia Filip
00:00 / 14:56
Luz y Silencio Viginia
00:00 / 16:08
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