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Virginia gives two talks on the koan "The world is so vast? Why do you get up and put on your robes at the sound of the bell?" Why do you get up and get dressed and start your day when your alarm goes off? Why do you do what you do? Why? Why? Have you wondered and then watched closely? (in spanish)

Turtle Mountain Wakes Up

In this session D leads a meditation and conversation about two friends trapped in a mountain snowstorm on Turtle Mountain. One sleeps and one mediates. Finally, one of them wakes up. He doesn't say "I" finally woke up; he says "Turtle Mountain woke up." (in english)

meditacion de la montaña tortuga se despiertaD Allen
00:00 / 33:48

A guided meditation in Spanish with the story of Turtle Mountain Wakes up. 

D leads a meditation in Spanish with the koan "There is nothing I dislike."

Also see this video that shows some responses  to this koan by participants.

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